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    aryasridhar is offline Pro Tabber
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    Jan 2008

    What an Awesome sounding compressor pedal........

    Check this one out, sounds super awesome and great sustain....

    Rivera Sustain Shaman Compressor Demo - YouTube

    Always been a major fan of Rivera amps, love their Fandango and Clubster Royale amps.......they sounds fantastic on YT, wonder if they will blow me away in person......
    Guitars - Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plain Top, GB&A Strat, Yamaha C70
    Amp - Laney Cub 10 (FOR SALE), Blackheart Little Giant Head, 1X12 Cab (DIY) w/ Eminence Governor Speaker
    Pedals - Vox Satchurator, Boss ME-25, EHX LPB-1 - DIY, Marshall Plexi Pedal (DIY), TS-808 (DIY)
    **Arya Pedals makes custom pedals just the way you need it, and for a price that does not break your bank**
    **Reach out at or email - aryasridhar(at), or PM me on IGT.**

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    essenna9 is offline Newbie
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    Mar 2012

    cheap electric guitars for sale

    I really like the Al-2500's because they are made with a bit better materials than the Al-2000 and I like the look of the single white binding on the headstock over the plain head of the Al-2000. What can I say, I appreciate the little details and there is something to me about the binding on the head that just completes the guitar. These are great cheap electric guitars for sale.

    cheap electric guitars for sale
    cheap electric guitars



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