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    maxsteel_2050 is offline Newbie
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    Feb 2008


    hEY i'm intEReSted iN buYInG a aMpliFier (2000-2500) ranGe...
    aND ibAneZ 170DX
    and aNy eFFEcT pROCESSOr wITH dIStoRtION wiLL dO (mAxiMUm 3000)
    IF you caN pROVIDe tHEN rePLY bACk on THIS tHREaD...

    i"Ve gOT oFFers as:
    ZOOM 606 Effect ProceSSOR (3000)
    roLAnd aMPliFier 15W (2000)
    iBAneZ (9000)

    iF aNYoNE hAS a BEttER OFFer rePly bACk hERe.

    eVEn uSEd eQuipmEnts WILL do....bUT in A gOOD coNDitioN...


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    caprico4 is offline Newbie
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    Sep 2007
    the roland amp has built in effects... which are just as good if not better than the zoom. dont hurry into gettin a processor just now.. the effects on roland are enough.. save up for better future equipments.
    epi lp custom LE silverburst
    ibanez tubescreamer ts7
    boss ds1
    dunlop original crybaby
    ibanez de7 delay
    electroharmonix small clone chorus
    stranger 30w amp
    korg tuner
    dimarzio cables and dunlop tortex picks..

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    -Nemesis- is offline Beginner
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    Jan 2008
    What Ibanez are you going for??...
    You get a low - end RG170 for 10k...
    Why do you want to waste cash like that?
    Wait up...instead of getting a a RG270DX for 15k..then get the roland..enough I guess..then get the processor later.



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