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    I live in Udaipur,India


    thank you guyz..thank you for all of ur suggestions! If i'll have more questions i'll definitely ask it frm u guyz...

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    I wonder if anyone's thought of this. Just an idea.

    Play closer to the neck! And if you finger pick like me, keep your right hand parallel to the strings while playing. Free of cost, no upgrading, and solves the problem by 25~50%.
    Classical and jazz lover. Fingerstyle, touchstyle, and ERG enthusiast.
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    You could try out Boss MT-2 Metal Zone too... It has an awesome EQ section. For thicker solos, you can boost the low mids to get a very creamy tone. Another problem you might face is noise - Single coil pickups have a lot of noise which can sound terrible through high gain pedals like ML-2 and MT-2.
    Other options for thickening your tone is using other effects like a Chorus or a Delay with a low delay time..
    Check youtube for video reviews of the pedals before you buy..

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    ya, hums can take so much more gain than single coils.
    Use a EMG20db gain booster and my Bill Lawrence pickup is pretty silent!
    Harsh Kumar
    Manipal University (MIT)

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    TS, you can get much better pedals for metal tones. Also, pedals sound horrible through low-end solid state amplifiers. I suggest selling the amplifier, and using the combined budget to buy a better amplifier, or a good multi effects pedal, perhaps a Digitech RP.

    But if you have to buy a DS/OD pedal, avoid the Metal Zone.


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