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    Feb 2008

    Smile Want to buy a giutar kindly suggest my budget around 4000 rs

    hi all
    i m a new player in this field
    i want to buy a giutar kindly suggest me
    my budget is around 4000rs i m in indore

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    cartmanphat04 is offline Newbie
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    Feb 2008
    i say u get a j&d
    u'll get a good acoustic 4 less dan dat n i bought a acoustic-electric 4 4200 a few months back
    but i bought it here in mumbai
    i'm happy with the j&d, which has a very good sound quality and a very comfortable fretboard
    good guitars, especially 4 begginers

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    -Nemesis- is offline Beginner
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    Jan 2008
    Don't waste your cash on an electric guitar.cause most guitars in the 4k price range suck.
    Try Pluto,GB&A and some other notable acoustic brands. ...and give them a can go for acoustic-electric..but you need an amp if you're using the electric modes^^
    PM me if you want some neat lessons



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