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    want to buy effects pedal..need help

    guys i need a good 2nd hand effects pedal.... i saw one with 3 knobs apparently distortion bass and treble andf one with hpw many effects does it have.. like ppl have them with 120 effects.. what the hell are those.... and also if anyone wnts to sell plz tell me...................

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    Catch hold of somebody you know who has a processor and then ask him play and explain. It will be much easier that way.
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    LOL ... ronnie taht was very clear cut ...

    havox there are hundereds of diff varieties of pedals each for diff reason ...

    i guess u are talking about distortion/fuzz/overdrive pedals ...

    usually they will have these knobs in decreasing order of availability:
    1. level/volume - output signal strenght or in common parlance the volume
    2. gain - amount of distortion/overdrive/fuzz
    3. contour - boosting and cutting of certain frequancies to make sound thin or fat
    4. bass/treble/mid - same as above but offers better control
    5. mid freq - sometimes they offer u a knob to specify which mid freq u wanna control - n a mid knob to boos or cut those frequencies



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