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    Quote Originally Posted by dhirajsapkal
    dude search around... theses gotta be tons of other shops in your locality..... and what if the guitar you buy gets screwed up and you have to go all the way to delhi to claim the warranty..... not to mention the numerous phone calls enquiring about weather they got your stuff or no..... and trust me, it takes days or even months before you'll get your guitar back...... you can go ahead and buy the processor if you like, but rethink about the guitar..... if you're trying to save a few thousand bucks, and (god forbid), your entire investment goes to waste then that'll really suck :P........ althou since its a yamaha i don't think there should be any problem for the first year atleast...... or try asking the guy at the shop (from where you're gonna buy) if you could claim your warranty from your locality...... if you can then ask your dad to buy me one too :P


    well... i was thinking about washburn n1.... but it doesnt have a temolo bar..
    so should i go for pacifica 112v or washburn n1?

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    Go for the california Affinity Squier with HSS pickups..I loved that one...

    Comes with a whammy..I guess the one I tried was the best in the entire store !
    What is with these newbs? o.o



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