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    ok....if line out from one device cant cause clipping in other....then i wonder why does the zoom causes the cube to distort? (since its output is also a line out...and can be used with headphone with a jack convertor)

    @alexi:ofcourse i meant the 505...G2 and G7 are good
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    Then it aint line out.

    Line out aint same as headphone out.
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    actually the zoom has only one out-be in line out/output/phones.....
    and it made my cube to distort (even without a pa system while jamming)

    when i plugged in a local-made pa system..the distortion was worse..

    when i plugged in JBL speakers HOORAY! only clean sound!!

    so i guess

    1)zoom's o/p is high for roland
    roland's speakers are not good enough (but when i plug directly to roland they dont distort)

    2)the local pa was having some impedence mismatch problem or the local speakers were sucking big time

    ultimately the performance went well!!!
    i_am_WrOnG_but_u_aint_ rIgHt!

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    Dude it's advisable that u connect ur pre-amp(in this case processor) to the PA Not to another preamp(amplifier's head).....Also tell me the grounding status of your equipment...
    And for the price Zoom 505 (though i never use it cause it's too low level for me)produces good effects but fizzes out on big sized systems ; but I know quite a no. of artists who use it as a part of "Effects loop" I hope u know what the former means......
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