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    Jul 2011
    Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir

    The Ultimate Metal Pedal Shootout

    The Ultimate Metal Pedal Shoot-Out : 10 Pedals in 10 Minutes Wrap-Up for 30 Pedals in 30 Days - YouTube

    Zvex Box of Metal
    Digitech Death Metal
    Mxr Fullbore Metal
    Behringer Heavy Metal
    Boss Metal Core
    Hardwire Metal Dist
    Arion Metal Master
    Digitech Metal Master
    EHX Metal Muff
    Boss Metal Zone THUMBS UP GUYS!
    By Tone King
    Green Skreamer Video Demo:-
    New Sound:-
    Basic Instrumental:-
    Youtube Channel:-

    Guitars:- Cort KX5 Fr, Java EG-11, Givson G-215
    Amplifier:- Laney LX12
    Effects:- Boss Metal Zone, Digitech RP355, Zoom G1XN(for sale), Green Skreamer

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    deepsal is offline Tabber
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    Feb 2011
    saw this vid long time back the long discontinued boss hm2 destroys all these pedals
    i want a hm2 badly
    also look into wrampler triple wreck,amt r1,p1 and b1 they are pretty kickass too

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    rickkkyrich Guest
    Barber dirty bomb not on the list



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