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    May 2005
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    Rosewood is only for fretboards.

    I wouldn't count on teak. It's an oily wood, and any oil ooze will spoil the finish.
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    ^^^ Very True Umangu..Teak Is oily and it does not hold on to the sound that long. The oiliness damps the sound vibrations. It is tough but not a tone wood. But no harm in using it for Electrics. African TeaK is less oily and Lighter too.

    And I respect alpha's "test" for those who recommended wood over wood.....hehe...!!!


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    Dec 2005
    ^ Haha

    Strictly, I do believe in wood's influence over tone.
    But in acoustic (very big influence), and in electric clean tone.

    To some extent in overdriven tones (but then EQing and voicing of amp/pedal would mask)

    However, in distortion, more so in metal distortion, I find it amusing when ppl get fussy about wood.
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    that said, heres a good link

    btw mine is a mahogany base + maple top...for rich bass, bright tone n lots of sustain.. of cos with the distortion off
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    Ahh Alpha I agree.. with you the reason ihave been talking abt wood so much is because I play clean with a little overdrive here and there.... So i can herethe diff.. ofcouse under loads of effects or heazvy distortion nobody can tell much diff.
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    Oct 2006
    thanks people...i have already ordered mine to be made in teak wood....its in the shape of the jackson kelly...actually m getting the shape made from a local carpenter and then maybe will add the fretboard etc. later....of course the qs of which wood still wonders people all around... i wish we had a choice and variety(at a low cost) here in india for the woods....a few more qs that i have....

    DagMx mentioned about the SD blackouts...had anyone got one of these.... and ya how well off are they over the SD mustaine Livewires...
    also where can i get a fretboard in mumbai...wud i hav to order it from the US or will Albertos help me out with it?????

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    Shreddy is offline LaneyManeyResurrection
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    Jul 2007
    ^Cheaper in the US now that the RS is rising or the Dollar is falling.


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