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    The main problems running two amps into a single cab are:
    1. The output power of 2 amps combined could easily blow the speakers.
    2. Both amps have to be outputting to the speakers at all times or else one amp will blow (its transformer).
    3. You won't get the sound you're looking for because instead of each amp driving the speaker differently and the sounds then interacting, the speaker will be driven by the combined sound of both amps (possibly fixable using a multi speaker cab and hooking up separate speakers to separate heads).

    Hence 2 amp setups usually have a dedicated cab for each head.
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    Everything's Eventual (tm)

    Scarborough Fair/Canticle (Cover)

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    rickkkyrich Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by thehundredthone View Post
    This thing looks good.. but expensive :(

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    Using 2 amps is unnecessary unless you can actually afford the setup, place, transportation means and labour and are probably gigging everywhere...

    If you've understood the problem it's great, either ways i'll post the explanation below for everyone to understand, it can help out maybe some other beginner...

    The concept of an overdriven tone on a hot-rodded amp let say a dual rectifier (let's not discuss for now why it's called a dual rectifier) is just like connecting two overdrive pedals one after the other, so the the clipped signal gets clipped again and you get a thick saturated tone..but here these pedals are required to be connected to an amp so that you can hear something....

    Inside a dual rectifier amp the there are multiple preamp amp stages(around 3-5) where the signal clips and gets shaped musically and that signal is given to the output section...IT IS DEFINITELY NOT 2 AMPS ONE AFTER THE OTHER...

    Also if you have two tube amps, A/B/Y method is not applicable....because each amp must be connected to a speaker/load..
    So Either you'll need 2 speaker cabs, or one stereo speaker cab..but either ways each amp needs a speaker/load at the end....

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    rickkkyrich Guest
    Thanks for chiming in ansar...


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