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    flashmustain is offline Newbie
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    Mar 2008

    Tulsi guitar for SALE!!(Left handed Jackson kelly look alike) puttin up my tulsi guitar 4's a LEFT HANDED jackson kelly look's abt 8-9 months's in very good condition..taken xtremely gud care of it ...da sound is really really gud 4 a guitar of dis price....very functional pickup switch nd tone control..ive used D'addario strings as well...da price im quotin is Rs 11,000 cums wit a hardcase nd a's a guitar which is perfect 4 sum1 who's lookin 4 a great guitar wit a 'value 4 money' buyers intrested plz reply asap...thnx

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    Jul 2006
    Put up some pics to help potential buyers.
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    What about recession time discounts?
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    flashmustain is offline Newbie
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    Mar 2008
    @alpha1:ahh...i wish i cud..but im in a pretty bad rut myself..already sellin it at a reasonable loss..:(...
    nd ppl intrested in the pics will have 2 wait 4 sum a bit tied up rite now..srry

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    Jun 2009
    hey put up the pics asap i am in plan to buy them....



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