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    HellFeuer is offline Newbie
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    Jul 2006

    transporting a guitar


    im gona havta fly my (electric) guitar between delhi and mumbai soon (more than once)... wts the best way to do it???

    i dont wanna buy a hardcase if i can avoid it, coz it'l cost almost as much as my guitar if i get a good one :-)

    can it be taken as handbaggage? esp considering tht i will also be carrying another piece of handbaggae(laptop) i dont think the airlines will be very happy with the idea..

    doesnt look like i have many options, but some one here must have faced the same problem before so just wondering.... like if maybe there's a courier service that takes care of fragile luggage or something...

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    Jun 2004
    It should be ok to carry a guitar in addition to a handbag (at least I have not had any issues on international flights...check for domestic).

    The best thing would be to simply call up the airline and find out the rules.

    Oh and do not even think about checking-in your guitar without a hardcase. You'll get it back in pieces (if you're lucky).
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    getshorty80 is offline Tabber
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    May 2006
    hey you can really carry the guitar as hand luggage dude so dont have to worry i have flown international as well as domestic so no worries a gig bag should do just be careful when have to put it safe inside the cabin ok. see to that there are no luggage being put on top of it or you might risk breaking ur guitar. all the best dude, never had any problems carrying the guitar in a gig bag. personal experience here dude ok although its better to have it in a case.

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    Mar 2005
    Its true a airlines are being sticklers nowadays, ut I travelled from Delhi to bangalore yesterday, and there were two people who carried their acoustic guitars as hand baggage apart from their regular 1 piece cabin baggage. Just hand it over to the stewardess and she'll stow it somewhere safe.
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    HellFeuer is offline Newbie
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    Jul 2006
    thnx a lot

    gues i'l be calling up the airlines to confirm, but maybe it wont be such a big problem




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