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    "What about audiophiles who intend on using a turntable "
    I am one of these. I really dont know the technicals, but I hear the difference between the two. Records just sound warmer, more like if you were listening to the artist play live, as opposed to sterile sounding digital/cd.

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    ^ Actually analog turntables and tube amps degrade the signal much more than CD player + SS or digital amp.

    But most ppl seem to "like" that degradation.
    Warmer = that degradation.

    The reason why CD's might be sounding sterile is because of loudness war during mastering.

    So in a way the phones, even though reducing the fidelity, increase the "listenability".

    PS: can you make out difference between a 1.5sq mm cable (2m length) compared to a 2.5sq mm cable (again 2 m length)?
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