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    Exclamation Are these good guitars?

    I have an acoustic guitar and am looking to find a cheap electric one (I am debating between getting a laptop or an electric guitar for my birthday so im thinking that ill save up for the cheaper one).
    I came across a few cheap ones but am unsure if they are the normal size and decent quality. I know that it is hard to find quality for cheap money but im looking for the cheapest decent thing I can buy.
    Here are links to the guitars:

    Ill add some more when I find them
    Oh and plz, if any of you knowledgable people could direct me to any good cheap guitar (I live in the uk so preferably from here) I'd be really grateful

    Thanks in advance

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    Walk over to a guitar store and check out over there. If you are planning to buy from an online catalog then best of luck. You ain't a guitar player. Some times stores have cheaper options than online catalogs as may times high priced models are sold cheap as they are demo models. This may be a better deal than buying the cheapest guitar on the catalog.

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    probably cheap chinese trash. But its so cheap you can just buy them with your eyes closed.
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