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    abhivg is offline Newbie
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    Aug 2006

    Question Takamine EG-260C WR for Rs. 22K, Is it worth it?


    recently visited Furtado's, Pune. Saw the Takamine EG260C which they quoted for Rs 22K. It is a acoustic cutaway. Sounded quite nice when I played it.

    However I am wondering if it really worth that much. Searched for the price of the same online on random sites and the price varied ranging from 190 - 215 pounds, which comes to around 13-16K.
    Also is it a solid top?
    BTW I am not a professional, however I was thinking of investing in a good acoustic which will last a long time.

    So is it worth to buy this piece considering the price difference? And is it really that good an instrument? Experienced ppl, please give your valuable views on this...

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    unet is offline Tabber
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    Jan 2009
    Takamine makes amazing guitars...

    Give Alberto's a call and see what his quote is.
    And go play the guitar yourself, if you like how it feels and sounds, i suggest you get it.

    As far as quality and reliability goes, Takamine will take care of that.

    (Also, look into Ovation)

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    abhivg is offline Newbie
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    Aug 2006
    Bajaao has the same piece but with natural finish for 16 K odd. Why such a huge price difference????
    Also looked up the June 2008 Furtados catalog here on IGTabs, the price is quoted as 15100 Rs.
    So is Furtados Pune quoting higher prices??? Really confused now coz I had almost made my mind up to get that piece from Furtados Pune. Now I am wondering if I shud get it thru Bajaao.
    BTW has any one got any acoustic from Is it safe or will it get damaged in shipping?



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