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    Suggestion On Amplifier

    I am Planning to purchase Roland Cube-30...

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    I had typed out something snide, but okay.
    I'll just say you should specify more details for us to be of any use.

    -Usage scenario
    Solo bedroom practice? Practice with drums/organ/horns? Unmic'd gigging? etc.
    -What other gear do you (and even your bandmates) have?
    Guitar (wood, pickups), pedals (effects and dist/OD), processor, and what other amps you have used, etc.
    -Just what do you want from this amp?

    Classical and jazz lover. Fingerstyle, touchstyle, and ERG enthusiast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeetendra.bbsr View Post
    I am Planning to purchase Roland Cube-30...
    Stick to one thread
    All you need is the passion. Everything else comes after it.

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    rickkkyrich Guest
    buy this ..suits ur personality..



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