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    in response to the topic...

    try uring dean marlkeys.. i use them n i love them,.

    and one piece of advice... try not to change the gauge of strings too much..
    it affects the guitar if the intonation isnt set up after changing the gauge..

    i tell this from personal experience. i use to use java .08s on my calcutta made guitar and i changed to d'addario .09s... the notes just dont sound as well over the fretboard... i had to adjust the action, and intonation..

    but i think in the week that i didnt set it up my guitars neck has warped a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ultrabot90
    Hmm...reminds me of alpha1's sig.
    Democracy - Propagating the idiocy of the masses.
    If a product is being praised by its real owners and passed on to others, then i guess it holds more credibility and honesty than the tall claims and hype created around the prduct by the marketting guys of a guitar co.

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    ^That's got a point. But sometimes 0wners just pretend, ye know. If they are recommending a product, then they pretend for social reasons, and if for selling...then for their own profit xD
    Edit - Just look at the way Life_Sans_Death markets his stuff XD
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