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    Small Help please -_-

    Hello ..

    I m planning to buy a guitar for about 10 k ... and i just want to clear questions for Amps

    Are different amps having different sound ( silly question :P ) but still could they sound to worst ... ?

    I m planning to spend 5 k on amp .. please suggest to increase to strech it :D ...

    Is Kustom Sound is a good amplifier manufacturer ..

    Friends ... Please Help me out to clear my doubts

    I have been keeping an eye on Kustom Sound Amplispeaker 40 r link given bleow ... Pls tell its cons ..

    Kustom sound amplispeaker cube 40, Buy & Review products online –
    ThE FuNnIEsT ThINg AbOut tHIs pARtiCuLAr sIGnAtuRE iS ThAt bY tHe tIMe yOU rEaLIZe iT DoEsN'T sAy anYTHiNG AND iT'S tO laTE tO sTOp rEaDINg

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    Yes different amps have different sounds.
    And yes they can sound trash.

    Haven't heard Kustom, but if its truly 40W RMS - then it will go pretty loud. Its a different story whether that will sound good or bad to you ...
    The Kustom that I knew was used for keyboards, and sounded pretty clear and un-colored.
    That means bad sound for your pedals, perhaps good for your processor.
    But that was amp meant for KEYBOARD.
    You donít get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.

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    As far as guitar is concerned i dont know of any good guitar in 10K price range. I hope u are making the right choice.

    Yes different Amps sound different. It all depends upon what tone u like in the end.

    If u r not planning to buy pedals or processors in the near future then go for Roland Microcube with COSM Effects. Excellent practice amp. U can experiment a lot with the tone..

    Kustom, strangers are good too but u will be restricted to play on Clean and Distortion channels only. There will be less variations in the tone unless u use processors or pedals to manipulate ur tone....
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    rickkkyrich Guest
    If you really want things worth your money then look out for used gear...

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    amp makes up for 80% of your tone
    get a vypyr 15



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