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    May 2005
    I primarily use comp speakers for my guitar. For clean sounds i prefer the comp speakers (actually my cordless headphones are heaven for clean tones). If you get a Digitech pedal it has a mixer out that you can use for comp speakers...its great. Also marshall echohead gives a nice tone when its on so sometimes i use it just as a tone boost. If you're getting induvidual stomps i suggest a digitech one so that you can use comp speakers. Just make sure that this pedal is at the end of the pedal chain...only add delay or reverb after the pedal.
    Ideally i'd like an amp but its more cost effective plus very good for recording using the comp. Until i get a good tube amp or anything decent i'm sticking with comp speakers for the time being.
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    May 2006
    @laney yeh dude i know its cost effective to go for a for a processor but do u see this i dont use a lot of tones as well as i will soon settle for an amp(spider II si at my range).so when i go for that the pedals are much better. so right now i am getting me a delay,dist and an overdrive.the rest i will add it up later.and the pedals are all going to be bought in the UK. most probably.

    @sridhar yes dude will look at digitech too when i am off shopping. this is not happening right away it will be atleast jan then i will go shopping.thanks dude

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    Hey, didn't I mention that Tech21 makes sansamp?
    You can plug those godamn tings anywhere, and still get convincing "t00b-amp" tones.
    You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.

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    getshorty80 is offline Tabber
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    May 2006
    oh yeh alpha i am definatly checking the tech 21 when i am shopping ok. thanks a lot i will have look.


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