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    ballzofsteel is offline Newbie
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    May 2008

    Should i buy a guitar from the US or India?

    Ummm.....i heard that around thanksgiving everything goes for less than the usual in the should i wait till thanksgiving and buy a guitar from there or should i just go ahead and buy a guitar from india itself........also need ur guys take on the washburn wl18.....checked it out at bharat music house in new had a slim neck and the action was great.....the pups were decent too.....

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    ambush's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    if you have the choice, get it form us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ambush
    if you have the choice, get it form us.
    +1 If you are in States then shop for one there other wise shop out here you do get things out here that 5 years back was not available.
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    getshorty80 is offline Tabber
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    May 2006
    where ever you buy play it first and then see if you are comfortable with the the guitar both in its tone as well as playability. think you will be fine and it depends where you want to buy!!

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    wheelzkidd is offline Newbie
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    Dec 2007
    the thanksgiving discount applies mostly to electronics.. dunno if guitars will also get a cut in prices.. but anyways.. guitar prices in USA are cheaper than the indian prices any day of the year.. my ibanez 170dx cost around 9.5k indian equiv in the US.. got it during christmas.. no discounts or price cuts..



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