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    Setting up a practice room


    Maybe this question is nooby. Would appreciate some help from experienced people!

    So, I would like to set up a (very simple, not very expensive) band practice room. I have the room. I have the guitars, the bass, the mics and the drum set.

    Now, how are the electronics set up? Can I connect the guitars, bass and mic to a single (large) speaker? What electronics come between the instruments and the output speakers? Is there a type of combo amp which accepts input from multiple instruments?

    How would you go about it?

    Would appreciate this basic info... I have no idea.

    Help me out, please... Thanks
    All you need is the passion. Everything else comes after it.

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    I think the drums would require no amplification(unless they are not acoustic) as they will be enough for a room(i would like the dimensions of the room) The bass and the guitar can have two options
    1)their own individual amplifiers and cabs each
    2)if you want you can buy a PA speaker from the likes of JBL or some similar brand and get a pedal board or processor for the guitar and run these two through a mixer and into the speaker.
    You may want to dampen the echo of the room you can get these special dampening foams Auraflex Pyramid Shaped Acoustical Foam Panel 1' x 1' x 2 - Sound Proofing / Acoustic Treatment - Buy online at the guaranteed lowest price in India - BAJAAO - Buy and Review Musical Instruments, Pro Audio, Studio, P.A. Audio Equipment in India I also bough a sheet of heatlon for the floor as it helped in insulating the sound to the floors below.
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    you need a small p.a system or if you cant afford a full fledget p.a system get a pair of alto ts112a or sxm112a a single ts112a costs 17k
    and to ensure that you need to get it acoustically treated
    if i am right about who i think you are its not worth
    a proper jam room will a DECENT pa and avoustic treatment will cost a min of 2 lacs

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    You just want to setup a Practice room right...i am assuming not a Recording room...

    U just need to make sure that u soundproof the room so that outsiders are not bothered with ur loud playing...

    Few ideas:-
    -Get thicker glass for windows
    -Use sound absorbing material on the walls and ceiling
    -Put a thick mattress on the ground
    -Raise the level of drums by creating a wooden platform so that people staying below are not bothered with the bass....

    Why do u want to plug everything into one amp... Use separate amps for bass..guitar..keys..Drums wont need any amplification coz they wud be sounding loud the way they are..
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    So, the two options are

    (1) Multiple instruments > Mixer > speaker
    (2) Multiple instruments > Multiple amps and speakers?

    What would you suggest for a small JAM room (I mean what mixer and what speakers?)... Mixer should be able to accept at least four instruments with separate volume controls for each... Price - as cheap as possible... Don't want everyone to lug in their amps and stuff, would be so much easier if the power components remain in the venue. It's just for basic practice... Nothing professional
    All you need is the passion. Everything else comes after it.

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    what amps do your band members own?
    and whats your budget



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