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    Hey Chacoch,
    Which is that shop in Chennai that sells second hand imported guitars. Could you please give me the contact information.

    The advantage of jumbo frets or scallopped fretboard is that you dont need to really press the strings hard. Just touch them and they get fretted. If you are used to playing Indian Classical istruments like Veena or Sitar, then you'd understand them much easy. The problem is if you press the frets more than the required touch, it will start sounding as the note in the next fret. Unless you are good enough, this wont help you. These things are easier when you want to play faster and there's no way these things are going to improve your speed. Precision and Speed is a factor of practise not a feature of the fretboard.
    Just follow your instincts and you will land up in a good purchase.

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    My plans

    Hey guys,

    My friend in Mumbai has checked guitars out at Furtados. Ibanez RG 270 is available (with Floyd-Rose, 24 jumbo frets etc.) is available @ 18, 200 around. Squier strat @ 11 K around and a great Kramer at 19 K around.

    I guess I'll have to visit the Chennai shops before I visit those in Mumbai.

    May I request those from Chennai to give the addresses of the major guitar shops in Chennai? I have about 10 hours to check out guitars and I don't want to be wasting time.

    And I'll let you know about the guitars and the shops after I visit Chennai.



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    @ Death,..... Its his type of music which decides.. LOL..
    The Lord Giveth, And The Lord Taketh Away!!!


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