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    Exclamation Sanding the saddle

    Has anyone yet tried it? My acoustic guitar strings are a bit higher and not parallel to fret board. Also I am unable to play Barre chords correctly cuz of risen strings.
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    Have you first ensured that the amount of bow of your guitar neck is correct?
    If the bowing is excessively forward, the strings would feel very high. If the bow is excessively backwards, then the strings will buzz.

    Of course you can always do saddle height adjustments - its a harmless guitar not some mysterious creature that would bite your hands off ...
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    I had done it once on my acoustic..and had screwed it careful in sanding. use fine sand paper. And firstly check for the bow in the guitar neck. Truss rod adjustment might help!!
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    If you are based in Bangalore you can drop by with your guitar.
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