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    sniperz is offline Newbie
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    Oct 2010

    On sale Electro Acoustic Ibanez V205sece ....Noida


    I have a 4 months old Electro Acoustic guitar (Ibanez 205sece) with pickup/tuner and Daddario extra light phosphor-bronze strings on it. Price would be 8000 and i live in Noida. I have lost the original bill, so no bill. The guitar is in excellent condition. Anyone wanna buy it, let me know.

    Below are the pics (Strap not included):

    More about the guitar: ear=2010&cat_id=3&series_id=295

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    jatinwig is offline Newbie
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    Feb 2011


    i would be interested if you still have your guitar and want to sell it

    send me your contact number as a private message or as an email to jatin . wig (at) gmail . com



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