Price (Raj Musicals, Delhi) - 12~13k

I tested with a stock RG7321, playing touchstyle, no effects.

Volume - They say - and I feared - that it won't be that loud. Perhaps that just applies to bass. The amp sounded just as loud as my Marshall MG15 with the volume at 75% and gain at 50%. More than what I need - all I do is play with solo or with another (acoustic) guitarist, and I count on a. not playing with drummers, and b. even if I do, telling them to play softer (yeah, we want our ears to last after their insane overzealous rolls.), and c. mic'ing up wherever required and possible.
I don't know if the amp plays a role in the dynamic range, but it felt to me that on this amp I could increase and decrease more volume with my fingers than I could on the MG. (I'm not some touchstyle legend yet, so it could just be something else too, or maybe I was just imagining it.)
It was noisy at said setting - it could be that the building wasn't earthed, it could be the guitar too - I just used the treble cut on the guitar to do away with the noise (and warm up the sound).
Chords - I read reviews (of bassists) saying the amp doesn't do well for double stops or chords, and muddies them up. I'm not a bassist and I didn't try it with a bass, but it handled chords just fine for me (besides, who the heck plays chords in the bass region? Even folks in the Baroque times knew playing chords/multiple voices in the bass range muddies stuff up...)
High notes - I fear I didn't test it too thoroughly in this aspect - C4 to C5 range sounded as it usually does, perhaps a little more clean and clear than what I'm used to on the MG15. Notes higher than that felt weaker but I could be mistaken, plus I can't play that range that well.
Bass notes - Sounded more basslike. Real fun.

Messed around a tiny bit with the verb, mainly played a few scales, some cliche basslines and all the (classical) pieces I know. Next time I go (right-before-buying time) I'll play around with the compressor and high notes more.

Seems like a perfect buy for me. I required a small battery powered amp which has decent sounding clean tone all across the 7 string guitar range, handles chords well, has speaker(s) which doesn't blow out on 7 strings*, and doesn't cost too much (reverb is an added plus). I can also use this amp when later I get myself a touchguitar, too - can and will use it alongside a decent tube amp for the guitar-side (bi-amping).

*and that's why I shied away from the other battery powered offerings from Roland.


Raj Musicals say they can make a padded gig bag for it for 250 bucks. I asked for a sample of the kind of stuff they make - not bad, though a little thin (can never be too thick, IMO...).

EDIT - Forgot to mention I used only the Super Flat setting throughout, and EQ was flat.
EDIT 2 - I may be wrong, but the dynamics thing could be because of the compression - reviews state the amp always has a certain amount of compression, and switching on the compressor only boosts it. I forgot to play around with the compressor, didn't use it at all.