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    Quote Originally Posted by rickkkyrich View Post
    btw.. the zoom q3 seems pretty appealing to me.. but a little expensive at approx 200$ at amazon..
    True. And as you said, availability may be a problem around these parts.

    BAJAAO BEST PRICE Query from ultrabot90, regarding Line 6 POD Studio GX USB Recording Interface with POD Farm (LINE6PODSTUDIOGX). Our price for this product is Rs 4,622.22, the customer claims to have found the same product for Rs 3,800 available from S.B. Music .
    ...but here it says 5,200? C'mon, Bajaao. :|
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    rickkkyrich Guest
    Bajaao anyways do not offer you the best price. Look out for it in some local shops as well.. you might get a bargain.. getting anythin like that is best if you can get it from US..

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    The zoom looks really great. A condenser XY setup with a video cam for 200$. That's some pretty impressive specs.
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