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Thread: RECORDING music

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    RECORDING music

    hey guys,

    I need some help and feedback on how to record the best possible sound without studio equipment. I have a solid microphone and my friend has a mixing board as well as some recording software programs. I figure that at least @jayswami is familiar with recording since i've seen tons of stuff posted by him online. so i was wondering how I could get the best sound and if i should do separate tracks (one by one), etc. i want it to be good enough quality so that I can approach record companies after i've compiled. please help guys!

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    i will write an article- home recording 101 soon.
    wait for a couple of weeks. if u have specific qs, pm me.


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    ^i'll look forward to that as well Jay

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    dharmatma can also help u wid this. he has done recordings.
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