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Thread: Recording help

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    Quote Originally Posted by deepsal View Post
    yes but you need to attach a condenser with the interface to record acoustic guitar

    Ok, thanks a lot Deepsal for clarifying my query ... But I don't think I'll buy a condenser mic as a good one costs nothing below 7-8k and that will overstretch my budget ... I'll stick with the SM57 as it's an instrumental mic and I've heard that it's good also for recording acoustic guitar, but thanks anyway

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    Dude i have a maudio mkII interface and its awsm . or maybe you can try line 6 d gx ( thier software is awsm for modelling amps and quite simple to use ) .

    interface has a inbuilt sound card , the latency is not good but you need a noise gate before you record your guitar . i believe use a guitar processor . for clean sound as you like and then record or pc get pro tools essential , or try krystal . google around :P


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