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    Quote Originally Posted by harmonizer View Post
    to creat with H-H and to remove from S-S-S
    Getting feedback should be the same with single coil or humbuckers - turn up the amp and move closer to it. Gain definitely helps so if you are using any pedals, turn up the gain on it.
    To remove feedback do the opposite.

    The reason why feedback occurs is quite simple - resonance. This is the tendancy of a body to vibrate strongly when its natural frequency (or a harmonic of it) is sounded near it.

    If the volume is sufficiently high, the string resonates and vibrates strongly. This inturn further increases the volume causing more resonance and so on.
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    well you can get feedback(musical one) by setting up your amp on high gain and playing guitar right in front of it...i mean really close

    For removing feedback from single coils do just opposite of that( eg. adjust tone and volume knobs, lower the gain and play significantly distant from amp)....
    For removing non musical feedback try getting high quality pickups or potting existing ones and make sure they are fixed completely in their place......
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