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    Question about using a multifx processor and stopbox pedal together

    Hey guys,
    I use a Digitech RP 90 and a Marshall 15CDR amp.But the distortion of the processor sucks (or i dont have proper patches). Im not able to get nice Megadeth, Pantera tones.
    So my question is that can i use the RP 90 (via the OD Channel of the amp) and get my distortion from the amp (and later get a MT2 or AMT metallizer) and use the noise gate freature,wah,whammy of the processor??

    In "AMP/Distortion" there is a setting called "Off" , will that do my job?

    I can get good megadeth tones from my amp in OD about by axe is crap so its noisy and i need a noise gate..

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    You wont get nice distortion tones from an inexpensive processor anyways.

    ... and yeah you can do what you suggested. In fact I am surprised you haven't tried it by now.
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    okay thanks ..was worried about running the processor via the OD channel



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