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    bcrich is offline Tabber
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    Jul 2010

    Purchase bass guitar under 15k?

    hey guys,
    my friend is a lil obsessed with a bass guitar and he wants to buy one now. can you suggest one under 15k.
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    Jun 2006

    NEW BASSIST!!! >:D

    (No idea mate, I can tell him to get one of these or these, but that'd be depriving bands here in India who're already facing a shortage and don't want a one-man-band touchstyle smartass, eh )

    UltraEdit - Encourage him to play, motivate him (bassists are like plants in a desert >.>), start an awareness campaign for bassists in your friend circles :D
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    DaRockrz is offline Newbie
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    Sep 2007

    Cool Regarding Bass Guitars

    Go for Ibanez Bass guitars... nearabout 16k.

    If you want I'm selling a 20days old bass guitar. gb&a.. Bought for 13k and selling for 10k.

    It has dual humbuckers. and Its finish is cool (Transparent cherry)

    Check it out,



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    nandac is offline Guitarist
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    Sep 2007
    btw pls note that you have two scales on bass guitar : short scale and standard. if your friend has small hands he might be more comfortable with the first. if that is so, you can get a rogue beatle/violin bass for like 16k on ebay global easybuy.



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