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Thread: Processor Guide

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    The biggest floor processor battle is between Boss and Line6 i.e. GT8 vs POD XTL or now GT10 vs PODX3L.

    Basically, if you want quality effects, go for Boss. If you want accurate Amp Modeling, go for Pod (but then get ur effects from external pedals).
    They ask no quarter...

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    i've been playing my electric guitar through a friend's old tube amp for around 6 months & i've used only individual effect pedals(that too,mostly one at a time) till now.Now i got a digitech rp 355 as a gift & i'm completely unfamiliar with it.Can anyone post a guide to it here? i've read the manual but it's too short & tricky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by siddharthsid007 View Post
    my POD X3 Live owns all . Best thing in its class. My band's rhythm guitarist also connects to the same thing as it can simultaneously control 2 different tones to 2 different outputs.. Expensive as hell though
    Can it produce the AC/DC rhythm tone?
    (i.e. the cranked up marshall tone - but not sounding distorted)
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    plz can you guide me regarding my korg ax3000g..plzzzzzzz...

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    Quote Originally Posted by deathdr_87 View Post
    Ok instead of writing up specific guides right now - I'll put up a general processor guide. Specific guides will be available on request.

    To start off with:

    Now most guitar processors have a series of PATCHES. A patch is basically a acomplete setup that you use to produce a SINGLE tone.

    Now on to creating a patch:

    The first thing ud want to set is the drive channel (a.k.a. amp simulator, drive amp, etc..) Each amp usally has 2 settings: gain and level. Gain is the amount of amplification of the drive channel - it mostly affects how the drive channel responds to the sound - it usually doesnt change volume but only 'how much' of the drive channel is put in. Level is the volume level. I'm going to list out some of these drive amp sims and some advice on them:

    1. Off - this is a bypass (the guitar sound comes out like it went in (not technically - there is some change - but its not significant)
    2. Overdrive (OD) - This is a standard overdrive system - generally modelled on the old marshall or vox tube amps - this can be set to give a little fuzzy sound on low gains or a killer lead sound on medium to high gains
    3. Classic Distortion - again based on old marshalls/fenders is my guess - this has a nice sound - the sounds cracks up a it occaisionally - ut thats how its suposed to sound
    4. Metal distortion/metal stack - (normally based on a boss MT-2) killer distortion for killer metal riffs - sometimes sounds good for rock/blues/pop - it really depends on how u usse it.
    5. Fuzz distortion - based on 70s style fuzz amps - very popular then - old style sound.
    6. other distortions - ull have to experiment and see for urself...
    7. acosutic simulator - doesnt really sound too good as an acousitc but sound like a nice clean guitar on low gains.

    next ud set the equalizer:
    most processors have a three abnd eq - (dont get one with a 2 band eq - ud want three bands)
    Now some common settings are: medium bass, medium mids and high treble for warm distortions, flat eq wqith just a slightly higher bass for acosuitcs sims and watever eq satisfies u on clean - but this one is the real killer - put ur mid to 0, bass to 6 and treble to 10 - turn on metal distortion - and hear ur guitar scream - absolutre killer tone - for some reason loads of ppl dont like this - ut i love it - sounds like a megadeth solo.

    now onto ambience effects and reverbs:
    now ambience effects are reverbs and delays - korg processors only have 1 delay with adjsutable delay, feedback and mix - i ithnk this gives laods of control over the sound - but its not liek the autodealys ud see in a speicalist delay rack that imposes dealys as u play... still its good enough... the delay is the time after which the delayed sound is sonded in milliseconds. the feedback is the number of time it goes back in - for a repeat delay - mix is the volume of the dealy.

    reverb - this is the most interesting aspect of thje procescor - u can set reverbs to anyhting from a room type reverb which just adds abit of reverb to an arena trype reverb in hwihc the sund really resonates... abosulte killer!

    next onto cabinet simulators:
    now cabinets are bascially the speakers out of which the sound comes out -
    in the simualtor ull see numbers like 4x12 and 1x10, now the first nuber shows the numer of speakers and the second numer the size of the diameter of the speaker in inches. eg. 4x12 means 4 speakers of 12 inch diamter each.

    ok im tired of typing - will post on modualtion effects later... hope this helps ull for now

    I want to purchase an elec guitar & a processor with a budget of 20000 in india may b in kolkata or ranchi. being a newbie, what would b a good choice for a processor? i know my budget is too less for an elec guitar but i want a good processsor.

    i dont hav much idea regarding processors except for what i hav read over d internet. i lack practical knwledge in processors. i play bollywood, soft rock, rock n sufi....

    Need help from professionals/experienced....

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    Raunaq here from Musicians Mall, Mumbai. We have almost 120-140 guitars on display at each of our stores. We are the authorised dealers for brands like Ibanez, Fender, Cort, Jackson, Line 6, Dunlop, Gibson, Tama, Basix, Sabian cymbals, Paiste cymbals, Remo heads and many more. Further details feel free to contact us on +91 9769131830. We could also deliver the product to your hometown.

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    I'm planning to buy a acoustic guitar processor... any light on that..?
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