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    Quote Originally Posted by perseus View Post
    Heard plugging guitar directly into sound card isn't a good idea. If you want to play through a pc, I'd suggest asking your local shop to order a USB interface, if they will or can, or just ordering it yourself. From there you can use software like Amplitube, Guitar Rig or Peavey's highly rated Revalver to modify the signal. They're all decent programs and're continually getting better.
    If you wanna bug neighbors and greet police, run the signal back out from your sound card into a regular home stereo amplifier. You can then listen through whatever speakers you like.
    exatly what i meant!
    Harsh Kumar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harsh Kumar View Post
    n BTW which effect pedal you have?
    I have a Digitech Rp50 , i once tried conecting guitar-rp50-PC in series but that piece of junk (rp) gave an awful sound < it doesnt have gud distortion, fake sound ... >
    so clearly, effects were my only reason to venture into my DAW (FL studio ,hardcore plugin)

    but now i see .... its a costly process ..... nd what wud happen if i continue to plug my guitar directly to pc .... wud it blow up or something ??? thanx in advance

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    ^ errm .... OK .. that looks pretty bad
    well i think i shud simply wait nd get myself a gud processor .......
    thanx ppl 4 helpin me out .....

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    So that's like...I connect the interface to my pc, connect the guitar+processor to the interface, and I'm ready to record to a DAW? (Or do I need something else as well?) My recording basics knowledge isnt too good, sorry -.-'

    Quote Originally Posted by perseus
    Lol man xD

    Edit - Has anyone tried Reaper? It's a DAW which I learnt about pretty recently, and it's pretty low on system resources (cos my pc sucks and it still runs it without a hitch) - the installer is just 4 mb (yup, mb) - and it's pretty much professional standard. Though I doubt it'd beat audacity in terms of cpu load.
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    Try M-Audio FAST TRACK Audio Interface.

    I have put mine for sale:


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