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    Unhappy Problem - String is vibrating when played as its touching the fret board somewhere

    Hi , the string - G is vibrating and making a funny metalic sound when its plucked. i am in England right now and i am dont know any repair store locally.

    Can anyone help me with the solution ? i have changed the string but the problem still persists.

    it could be cause of weather change here and the fret board changes its thickness slightly..

    would request anyone of you to please give me the solution to this ... PM me .

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    ^ You'd better be really careful. My guitar's neck just totally warped when we took it back to India from the UK.
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    13 will take time for guitar to come back in shape..wht u can do grt indian trick..jugaad..

    pt a little piece of paper(jus tiney folded paper) between the start of fret.that black part from where string passes into increases the height of string....keep the guitar in scale which minimizes it touching...
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