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    Hey Jayanth,
    I dont wanna have a floating tremelo like Edge Pro or Floyd Rose in a Les Paul. I just want some good mechanism to hold the guitar in tune. Without screwing up the look of a Les Paul, I just want some mechanism to hold it in tune always. I am going this weekend to Chennai to order the guitar with Specs of Les Paul Supreme. Just tell me one thing. If I insist that guy to put a nut lock in my Les Paul, will that affect the guitar in anyway. Another question. Will that nut lock really help in holding the guitar in tune.

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    The Nut Lock's feature wholly depends on the Locking tremolo.. Keeping guitar in tune is kind of a herculean task with the Limits you are putting.. I suggest you tell him to do the same as the Edge Pro.. Because It looks different.. and will look better than FR.. Check out Marty Friedmans New Guitar.. Ibanez SZ series.. Check out the hardware and tryy to get the same..
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