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Pro Tools FREE Software for Windows 98/Me

FREE Hardware-Independent Pro Tools Power

Dive into pro-level audio production at no expense. Pro Tools. FREE is a fully
functional version of Pro Tools LE, with 8-channel audio support and 48 MIDI
track capability. Compatible with both Digidesign-approved Macintosh. and Windows.
systems, Pro Tools FREE requires no additional hardware to operate. It's ideal
for both permanent and portable installations, giving you the opportunity to
employ Pro Tools power anywhere, anytime.

Pro Tools FREE includes the most powerful and flexible audio tools in the industry.
It offers a great starting point for music, education, multimedia, film, video
or radio production. First time users will be able to step into the non-linear,
instant access recording, editing and mixing characteristic of Digidesign's
Pro Tools. Like professionals, newcomers to Pro Tools will be able to record
and edit without erasing or changing original audio, edit during playback, create
crossfades and mix with a common set of award winning features from Digidesign's
high-end systems. The Pro Tools Edit window includes comprehensive track overview,
and an intuitive Mix window with all the features of a pro studio console. Pro
Tools FREE includes a fully functional 48-track MIDI environment with graphical
MIDI editing, and is able to import and export standard MIDI files.

For processing, Pro Tools FREE utilizes DigiRack™ RTAS™ Plug-Ins
(EQ, Dynamics, DirectConnect™, Mod Delay, and Dither), and supports optional
RTAS and AudioSuite™ Plug-Ins developed by Digidesign and Digidesign's
many Development Partners. In combination with standard Pro Tools rich tracking
and editing features, you're well equipped to flexibly process your material
as well as introduce outboard gear into your production environment. Pro Tools
FREE's virtually limitless processing options are unrivaled by any other integrated
audio and sequencing package. While Pro Tools FREE is hardware independent,
it does offer standard Windows 98 Wave Drivers or Apple. Macintosh Sound Manager™
support. It can also be configured to use up to two channels of I/O on third
party hardware, including many common PC soundcards and standard chip sets.
does not assume any technical or customer support responsibilities for Pro Tools
FREE. Because of the widespread, free nature of this release, we invite users
to become a part of our online community to obtain and share information with
other users. For more information, please see the Pro Tools FREE site at

Up to 8 audio tracks
Up to 48 MIDI tracks
2 channels of I/O support via Wave Drivers/Sound Manager (allows compatibility with third party hardware)
5 inserts and sends per channel
Included DigiRack RTAS Plug-Ins: EQ, Dynamics, DirectConnect, Mod Delay, and Dither
Supports use of optional RTAS and AudioSuite-based Plug-Ins
High quality sample rate and bit-depth conversion with batch processing
Support of major file formats and bit depths (SD II, AIFF, .WAV, QuickTime. movie audio and .SND)
Import/export of Standard MIDI files
Add optional MasterList CD software to create audio CDs (Mac only)
30 day demo of MP3 Export option (available to buy online)
RealAudio. G2 support (Mac only)

Digidesign-approved Macintosh or Windows system

Price Free

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