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    Question Price for distortion pedals in India

    im planning to buya didstortion pedal forstage shows. cant affordmuch. what is the starting range for distortion pedals andwhat company to buy? plz help.

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    Apr 2007
    Try the Boss MT2. I guess thats the cheapest i have seen soo far and gives u really punchy distortion. Approx. Price 4500/-

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    There's a DS1 n DS2 frm boss, but i suppose they r nt dat gud. MT2 is gud... N AMT metallizer is great, fr 6.5k... Luk fr odr pedals n pricing on bajaao too.
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    AMT pedals are great bet, because you can play them direct, without using a guitar amp.
    Boss/digitech etc sound good only when they are thru a guitar amp.
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    i build my own Fuzz/Distortion pedal. It also sounds great, and it costs less than 800/- . if you want i can give u the ckt. diagram.

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    Digboi, Assam
    Can u pm it To me?



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