Hey Girls and Guys,
I am new on this Forum. I am looking for people that would like to help me to improve my projects giving me some comments, tips and tricks. I love building stompboxes and now I would like to show you something (maybe) interesting.
I am counting on interesting tips and comments in this Thread!!
I would like to present you one of my DIY mods of effect pedals. This time it came to totally broken Boss OS-2 which got a second life and turned into POLICE DISTORTION.


- because I have painted it darkblue (like old European Police Cars)
- because it has blue and red light on the top of it (which are glowing whenewer you play)
- because if it stops you - It really stops you for days.

I am having a problem with putting here some photos so...

If you need an additional information about this modification (schematic, additional samples, simulations) just write me a message on my facebook fanpage.
You can also ask about modification of other pedals, guitar wiring, stombox building, etc. I am always ready to answer an interesting question!
Maybe You can - like always - learn me how to build your own Pedal and help me with my problems… - than let’s do this together!!!
I will be glad to receive some feedback from You.

Here is my Facebook Fanpage adres:

Hope You will Enjoy It.