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    Pocket Strings (Super small guitar) at NAMM 2012

    Probably a guitar cant get anymore little than this.....would love to hear how it sounds ---- Great for anyone to practice i guess......

    Pocketstrings Practice Device - YouTube
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    Could not check the video no access at work. Just googled for a picture of it. But I think there will be major limitations to such practice guitars.

    I had seen a similar one by Shredneck. It was bigger than this and had 7 frets on it.

    1) Tuning wasnt possible. The tuning knobs only adjust the tension of the string.
    2) Less no of frets. Cant slide, shred.
    3) what bout the righthand? I think it will be left useless

    I will check the video soon and see if all those limitations still exist ..
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