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    Quote Originally Posted by alpha1
    Remember we are third world nation and that we are known worldwide as the nation of excellent slaves.
    I thought that was africa. Anyway we're not slaves, come on we're lazy all of us know we wont do hard manual labour for some one else. We'll do your taxes but hard manual labour........ i dont think so.
    If life was fair Elvis would be alive and all the impersonators would be dead

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    We are not much different.

    We pay enormous taxes, without asking for credibility.

    Since you are studying right now, you wont know. Whatever we pay as taxes and duties atleast 50% of taht goes into pockets of politicians and govt officials.

    Imagine if you are directly paying for a commodity, out of which more than 50% of your money is goign WASTE.

    Wont you feel outraged?!

    Thats why India is no different form countless other ThirdWorld nations. We pay taxes like paying Hafta to Local Goonda.
    There is no accountability, and ofcourse you aint gonna get any development in return.

    Worse is the common man, the public, whihc wants to keep on paying the hafta.
    You donít get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.

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    I agree with alpha1... except for the statement "Remember we are third world nation"...
    India is not a third world country, .. but Indian mentality is really third world... maybe even worse.. thats what keeps us behind ...
    another ESP now!

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    Yeah, don't buy Givson. Every time I played one, I got a massive electric shock!

    But u can still be patriotic - buy Tansen. Just for your info, these guitars are sold all over the world under the brand names of BC Rich and Jackson.

    The other cheap option is a Squier - made by Fender, but outside US.

    Check out eBay India - they have some great offers.


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