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Thread: pitch

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    Unhappy pitch

    hi guyz..i have a problem at hand...i have a semi acoustic guitar with an f cut(the large one).the problem is that even with standard guitar sounds really overpitched and sharp..the sound is too high..u know what i mean..i have tried nylon strings but didnt like the sound as well...what is wrong withy my guitar?is there any solution?

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    have you tried a different brand of steel strings? and have you tried different plectrums?(thats assuming your playing it in accoustic mode).

    If your playing it through an amp, then chances are your pickup is near the bridge so you'll get a twangier sound. play around with your EQ settings or get an accoustic amp/PA system to play through
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    *stop using a coin on your acoustic guitar*

    Check the EQ if its got one...or else has a tuner that has perfect pitch...tune it over there



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