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Thread: Pickup Setting

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    @ alpha 1 : Is the height of Givson pickup adjustable??

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    Dec 2005
    In my case there are two screws, on on the either side of the pickups, so I can adjust their height. (hope i got your question right)

    Infact I have made the pickups slightly inclined too, making the lower part further away from the strings - so that the higher strings produce less volume. The stock setup used to produce huge volume on e b and g strings - but nothing on D A and E strings - so had to mod a little.

    Addendum: I was really skeptical earlier at this experiment of mine, but outof sheer curiosity (c'mon a Rs3K givson is always expendable) and frust with the tone, drove me to doing it.

    But in any case it is a harmless activity.
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    reps to alpha 1 ~
    A great Comp + a good gaming rig + a blasting music workstation + a recliner = LIFE !!!!


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