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    DagMX is offline Guitarist
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    Feb 2007
    New Delhi

    Pickup Help: Where to get?

    I've got a 6 string B.C.Rich warlock and a 7 string kramer. I want to get the same pickup set for both.

    I narrowed down my choices to a set of Seymour Duncan Blackouts or a set of DiMarzio D Activators. Any idea if these are available yet in India? Anyone tried them yet?
    Putting the PRO and FAN in PROFANITY
    My gear:
    -Agile Intrepid 8 String
    -Kramer Striker 7 string FR
    -B.C.Rich Afterburner SE Warlock w/ Seymour Duncan Blackouts
    -Boss GT-10
    -Bassmaster 200W amp

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    Shreddy is offline LaneyManeyResurrection
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    Jul 2007
    I have'nt personally played them. But i've spoken to people who have blackouts and others who have dactivators. The D-activators were just average whereas the blackouts were pretty good i heard.



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