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Keep in mind that most replacement tune-o-matic bridges are f-spaced these days. My Tulasi PRS has a Korean TOM bridge. I measured the string spacing and it was f-spaced for the bridge(IIRC around 51mm) but regular spacing for the neck(~48mm). So I ordered my Dimarzios with a regular-spaced neck pickup and f-spaced bridge and sure enough the poles line up perfectly.Measure the spacing on YOUR guitar and order accordingly.

Yeah, gibson was losing popularity with shredders for their narrower spacing so they've gone with the wider option for some time now, I suppose that's why the the term G-spaced isn't so commom nowadays. Even DiMarzio uses "standard" and "f-spaced" . The terms historically go back to when the guitar world was divided between fender and gibson which obviously doesn't apply anymore.

Yup those numbers are correct. That's how I would order pickups, if I were ordering...

And Laney, you're right...People do call it Floyd spacing or Fender spacing depending on who you ask. Come to think of it floyd spacing might be more apt these days. The lines keep getting blurred anyway. Have you seen John McLaughlin's guitar recently? At this rate pretty soon we'll have an all new JM-spacing