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    Exclamation Pick/pectrum collection

    Hi all,

    i am a beginner musician. After watching my one of my friends cousine collection on fb i have started collecting different types of picks/pectrums.

    I saw couple of Pickcards with him which were very interesting. Since he lives in US there is no point asking him about the details of the shops from where he gets his picks.

    Is there any shop in delhi where i can buy good collection of picks with cartoons, animations, bands, diff shapes...etc etc picks?

    i am spl looking for a guitar pickcard for my little brother as a gift.

    PS: Pickcard is of a Credit Card shaped card which has 4 or 7 picks in it. You can simply use it and put it back in the card.

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    i think bhargava imports pickboy, which is possibly the closest you will get here.

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    If you mean a single package containing several picks related to a single band/theme - saw several at Furtados, can try there.
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