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Thread: Pedal

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    thanx ronnieanand that cleared me !...

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    No probs Ravishing boy. That was a bit of something I knew out of four years of Engineering in Electronics.

    Hey Jayanth, I went ahead and bought all the three pedals Boss Blues Driver BD2, Arion Compressor and Korg PEQ1 Parametric Equalizer. Arion compressor is really compact not very huge infact smaller than Boss BD2. Got all these three for a neat deal of Rs.5000. I guess that should be fine.

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    Amazing.. Now your pedal Board is pending.. Why dont you and i build one.. I would like to help.. Its really simple.. we can sit and work out the poqwer supply and I/p o/p parts and Get the base made from a carpenter.. I was just thinking about it..
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