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    No movement parts wah pedal, EHX

    There was a rumor or not sure it was an official announcement that EHX is supposedly working on a new line of pedals called Magic series. So every month I tend to check their home page to see if there is something new that they've come out with & I came across this | Crying Tone - Wah Pedal | Electro-Harmonix
    I checked the video out for it & it's quite interesting take on a traditional wah pedal. Thought you guys might find it fun to check out. Here's the vid Electro-Harmonix Crying Tone Wah demo - YouTube

    I can imagine a bit of crazy things happening when using this. E.g. you accidentally end up throwing your body weight in the foot that is stepping on it & for some reason the pedals slips/slides off forward (say after extended use the rubber pad underneath has worn a bit). So you end making this wide stretch with your legs in middle of the gig while the wah either wobbles around or maybe falls sideways with the wah effect turned ON. That would be one unforgettable gig for sure. Maybe one could expect more audience to show up for the next show wanting to see the guitar player perform a crazy stunt in between a song with a killer effect going on in the background lol

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    Takla Makaan
    I quote the epic comment once again...

    "Pedalboard FAIL!!"

    This would certainly get you off balance at least once during a gig if you are not extra careful.... And if you are with a heavy guitar, god saving you from falling down face forward!
    All I wanted was a gun.... And they handed me a guitar instead....


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