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Thread: new VG Strat

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    another form of Digital vs Analog

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    Quote Originally Posted by abhijitnath
    I'm not digressing at all. I'm only commenting on your basic premise that digital=artificial and analog=natural. Therefore if at any point of time the signal passes through anything digital it should immediately start sounding like crap. If you really think the complete signal chain is analog for a Floyd CD for ANY instrument, you're really living in a fool's paradise.
    Thats definitely not my basic premise.

    My basic grudge lies against "emulators".

    After having played the POD XT Live/ POD 2.0/ talking to a friend who has a VOX Tonelab SE and now uses analog stomp box setups...and using a KORG AX1500G myself for a little more than a year and then switching to analog setups. These are the best Multi-FX pedals out there. Also add trying out a Variax and owning a Mexican Strat.

    I have come to the conclusion(simply by auditory response) that "EMULATORS" CANNOT i repeat CANNOT sound like the real thing. The whole concept of emulation is, i feel, a big hindrance to the music industry, tonewise atleast. In the name of "flexibility" and "variation" companies are churning out millions of average products which the public is lapping up like anything due to ignorance. Im not necessarily hitting out on digital effects. Lot of digital effect pedals are good, like digital delays, reverbs etc. Heck if they started making ANALOG computers i wouldnt be typing this message right now, would i

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    i agree lol "tries the crybaby simulation on the G7 and lols"

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    Fair enough.
    Without getting into the "can't emulate the real thing" debate-there are enough blind A/B tests available where people-and this includes pro musicians, studio engineers and the like-can't tell the difference between PODs and real amps, or Variaxes and real guitars. Your ears may differ-maybe the "feel" is missing for you or whatever in emulation. I'll buy that.
    But what you miss is just how much this is bringing previously unaffordable gear to the hands of people. I play a lot of jazz and desperately wanted a hollowbody-oriented instrument,like an ES 335 of L5. The Variax gives me both, with reasonably good results in terms of tone (I'm more than happy with 95%, honestly) , no hum from the pickups and no chance of uncontrollable feedback from the body, for 18 thousand bucks..what more could I ask for?? And honestly, from a purely tone-based perspective, I've A/Bed it against a real E-335 and actually preferred the sound-more of the fundamental sound seemed to get through, the notes bloomed and seemed to be more focused overall.


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