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    Feb 2006

    New Guitar - What to buy?


    I am planning to buy a new guitar and am an absolute beginner.I presume acoustic ones are better suited for my need compared to the electric ones.I narrowed my search down to Yamaha F310
    Hobner F 245
    Givson - G150

    Please suggest me which one to choose and why?Also let me know any shop where i can get these in Kolkata.

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    Apr 2005
    South Kolkata.
    Go to Braganza...the music instruments shop opposite to Jamuna cinema hall in Kyd is THE best music shop in the city.
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    Thumbs up Some help ...

    Hey man,

    I know what you mean - i have been thru it ! ... about 10 years ago i didnt know which guitar to buy.

    I am sure u know all the dos and donts - but let me revise that quickly.

    Acoustic Guitars are the big wooden ones with the sweet sound. The Electric ones are the shiny sleek ones that u plug into amps.

    Acoustic guitars are ideal for you at this stage cause you dont see your self playing onstage sometime from now. besides you need somethign that will give you a good sound and help you practice.

    Reco - go for an acoustic guitar. try not to splurge. look out for the following -
    1. THere are some good brands of guitar in Kolkatta. You should be able to select a good one.If you dont know how to select - go with someone who knows how to pick out a good guitar.

    If u dont have anyone - read this -
    Guitars are like roses - you need to look around and pick out the good ones. Dont be hasty. take your time. Its worth it.

    Look for a guitar with a big belly. This will resonate the sound more and give a more bassy effect to the sound. The strings must be about 5mm above the frets and must be so throughout the lenght of the neck. If they start to rise near the bridge (the area where u pluck), chances are the neck is bent and the guitar isnt going to last very long.

    Make sure there isnt a lot of GLUE in the guitar. If tehre is - see if the finish is nice and clean. Pieces protruding inside the body will kill the sound.

    get a rough estimate to see if the frets are equally placed with the metal bar of each fret almost at the same height from the wood of the neck. remember - the fret bar must NOT touch the string at any point.

    Lastly - hold the guitar and play it. The guitar should feel like an extension of your body and not like an additional piece. Once you feel you are comfortable - play the strings. They should sound even and clean. You will FEEL the guitar coming alive.

    Cost wise - try not to spend more than 3K (INR) on your first guitar. Ideally speaking - learn the ropes and go on to bigger and better guitars. Electric guitars should enter your life when you are ready to play on stage.

    All the best with your shopping dude,
    Send pics of the gat if possible.

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    Jan 2006

    Your situation is the same faced by almost every beginner (unless their dady's a rockstar).. but almost all beginners should adapt the only golden rule for learner's.. Start slowly and lowly...

    Get an inexpensive and normal guitar first and once you have learnt to play at least 100 songs (without mistakes) you can think of going on to a better piece of equipment. (ususally when you're learning, unless its broken don't change it)

    Try resisting the Yamaha F310 cuz if you're a beginner you wouldn't know any difference between a Yamaha and a Givson.

    The Hobner and Givson are almost the same, Hobner has slightly better finish and the Givson has slightly better sound! Pick your preference.. and good luck!

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    Oct 2004
    i have an yamahaf310 .but i bought it after an givson.i would suggest you buy an givson first .after a year or so when your hands get ready buy an good acoustic yamaha,fender,etc
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    leakyhoe is offline Newbie
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    Feb 2006
    yup go for a givson... set your hands on it... then go for a fender

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    Mar 2006
    What's yer budget?

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    coolhemant is offline Guitarist
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    Oct 2005
    i thnk from the above list of ur pref. go for G150
    i frstly bought G125 that was also relly gud u can check bw both of them
    gud luck

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    vini is offline Repeat Offender
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    Feb 2005
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    out of these three Givson 150 would be a good one to start with..or u can even check out givson 125 which u can get for 2k
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    Jul 2004
    u didnt specify your budget. if you are willing to spend 3 to 4k for your acoustic, id recommend signature. thats the best brand rite now. next comes hobner.

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    Mar 2006
    i would recommend a hobner as u r a biggener you should not buy an expensive acoustic cause most people stop playing after 3-4 months.
    first buy a cheap guitar
    play with it for 3 months and if you think you wanna continue playin then buy a better one

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    Asmodeus's Avatar
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    Dec 2004
    Yeah, it is true that you should go in for an acoustic...

    Now, consider this case too... maybe, you thinking of this purchase as a long term investment. So, instead of going in for a Givson or a Hobner, why don't you go in for the Yamaha.

    I dunno in Kolkata, but if you can avail of the GB&A series or the Granada series, go in for them. Sure, Givsons & Hobners are ohk, but they are seriously boring to play. I did start out on a borrowed Givson 125 but seriously, I wouldnt recommend it for a beginner.

    Also, decide what kind of music you want to play... if you looking to upgrafe to an electric in say, 1-2 years, get yourself a good F-cut piece, it'll help you get the feel quicker. If you looking for a better sound, then go in for a good jumbo roundhole...

    Id suggest a GB&A or the Granada PS-379 (I think)... or you can go in for the Givson Opal (again, I forget the name... it begins with O, and is generally seen only in a rough black finish)... Sorry about the nomenclature...

    Most importantly, check out the guitar yourself, and choose the one you feel the best about.
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    Dec 2005
    New Delhi,India
    Hi dude,

    I have Montana 104N with pick ups and tone has great Tone and i got it for 7000.

    U need a good guitar so that ur ears can learn to differentiate between notes.

    Hobner-265 F cut is gud choice or else u can go for yamaha.

    where ru from?..too lazy to check profile.
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    whatever be the case...dont splurge..
    you MIGHT think that you are gonna play this for the rest of ur lemme just get a really great guitar...
    DONT....most guitar players get frustated with the guitar in the first few months, after which the guitar is just lying around, dying a slow death....
    for starters...if u want firewood, go for givson...YES, that is how bad they are...
    Hobner is what i would suggest, good tone, cost effective, good to play, granada, GB&A etc. should come in later....they usually are among the pricer ones...( might make a mention of granada, i had tried some guitar of theres here, dint fancy it much :( )
    my 2 paise..
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    ^ totaly agree
    if u got money 2 burn get the yamaha - else hobner is jus fine
    givsons suck bigtime
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