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    To my knowledge, Aria guitars are not available in Bangalore....

    If you are serious about Tulsi guitar, PM me...
    Quote Originally Posted by Guitar boy
    hey i know you are calling him jayanth

    but I seriously want to know how to go to tulsi pls.
    and iraqita says aria stg-03 is present for 6.5 bucks.
    In bangalore/Chennai, which are all the shops i can see/play that guitar? << Is this the same guitar what iraquita is talking or an indian replica of it?

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    ok guys thanx a lot, ill try to save up some more money for a tulsi.
    im also tryin to get my friends guitar for cheap. its a custom make from kerala and he says it has GIBSON pickups. it sounds AMAZING to say the least and has a superfast fretboard. but has some wiring problem, he says.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronnieanand
    Dude, you know Tulsi better than all of us Mr.J .......
    didnt quite get that
    there r 10 types of people in this world ... one who understands binary and the other who doesnt ...

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    He means jayant by saying Mr J... .


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